Lace Trim Mini Camisole Full Figure

Perfect Cami

$22.50 $30.00

Delicate lace trim mini camisole adds a touch of elegance to our basic solid design. Jazz up t-shirts, accessorize a low-cut top or sweater with style or wear under a  business suit for the full figure woman.

A plus size, mini camisole easily attaches to your own bra strap with a soft hook & loop application, similar to Velcro. Makes layering easy without the hassle of extra straps or fabric.

Ideal for post mastectomy women who need to discreetly cover scars or a breast form when bending over.  Moms who are breastfeeding will find them fashionable and functional with their ease of use.

Available in Black, White and Ivory.

Each Perfect Cami is handcrafted in the USA. 

Fabric Content: 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

Suggested Sizing:

Full Bust Measurement
P1 — 48-52"
P2 — 51-54"
P3 - 53-56"

Bra Sizing for US Manufacturers
P1 — 34N-P, 36L-O, 38J-N, 40H-M, 42DDD-J, 44D-H, 46A-DDD, 48A-D
P2 — 36N-P, 38L-O, 40K-N, 42I-M, 44H-J, 46D-H, 48C-DDD, 50A-D
P3 — 38N-P, 40L-O, 42K-N, 44J-L, 46H-J, 48DD-H, 50C-G, 52A-C

Bra Sizing for UK Manufacturers
P1 — 34JJ-KK, 36HH-K, 38GG-JJ, 40FF-J, 42E-GG, 44D-FF, 46A-E, 48A-D
P2 — 36JJ-KK, 38J-K, 40H-JJ, 42G-J, 44F-GG, 46D-FF, 48C-E, 50A-D
P3 — 38JJ-KK, 40J-K, 42H-JJ, 44GG-HH, 46F-GG, 48DD-FF, 50C-F, 52A-C

How it Works

Note: All of the camis have stretch in them.  They should fit comfortably, but not too snug.

Pattern: Select the general strap width of your bras to determine the size of the Velcro attachment for the mini cami. Our camis attach around your bra strap.

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