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Don't Take it From Us...We are Proud of What Others say about Perfect Cami.


Braless in Brasil

Our customer June, an expectant mother, writes a great blog from Brasil. She offers an indepth review of her experience with the Perfect Cami and how it has helped her layer during the hot summer months as she is dealing with her changing curvy figure.

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Boosaurus (Skinny, Curvy, Geeky)

I was amazed, surprised, elated - in a word, chuffed! (all those UK blogs have really started to rub off on me...) The Perfect Cami worked out eons better than any other regular cami that I'd tried out with this shirt. I could go about my day without any worries of tugging, adjusting, annoying shifting, accidental flashing, or weird wrinkling. Amazing, I tell you!



In a perfect world, we’d only have camis in our drawers because we liked them, not because we needed them to make up for neckline fabric shortfalls. Each time, I forgot that I had it on. No sliding neckline, no riding hemline. It’s practically weightless, although the fabric is definitely a good quality. It’s silky, stretchy and soft. Bottom Line: I love it.

Speaking of filling things up, I especially appreciate that the sizing chart specifies that a 34GG would wear an XL (that’s what I have), and a 36 FF would wear an L. Someone has been listening to her customers!


A Sophisticated Pair

A good sign for whether or not I love an item of clothing is how much I wear it, and I have worn these a lot since I received them. My older tanks/camis have been sitting in my drawer untouched for weeks because I find the Perfect Cami to be a much better solution to the v-neck dilemma.


Joyful Reviews

I have always been a layer person. I love lots of layers for coverage and to make my wardrobe have more options. It was comfortable to wear all day. It was never annoying or felt like it needed adjusting.


Texas Kitchen

If you are like me, you have quite a few shirts and blouses in your closet that are maybe just a little to revealing. Ya really love the shirt, but don’t feel comfortable wearing em in public cuz they show the girls off too much. Perfect to add to gift baskets for birthdays, bridal showers etc.


Ticking Time Bombs Blog

Rachel, a courageous and bubbly 22-year-old, in Los Angeles, tested positive for the breast cancer gene BRCA after her mother had battled the disease. She opted to have a preventative double mastectomy and is currently undergoing reconstruction. Having to wear inserts during this time period has restricted her ability to wear low cut tops and dresses for fear of her inserts showing. She no longer has this problem and is happily pulling out her old clothes from the closet and is back in action. Best of all she has a selection for work and a selection of sexy camisoles for play.

She is amazing young woman with an inspiring story that will warm your heart. Read about her excitement of the camis and then spend some time getting to know her on this incredible journey that she is sharing with the world. If you are a young woman faced with this issue or know of someone that could benefit from her insight, feel free to reach out to her.



Leslie Loves Veggies

In the last year I found that a regular cami was little too much in the hot summer months. The Perfect Cami is the answer to my problem! It keeps me covered, looks beautiful, its light as a cloud and its handcrafted in the U.S.A!




Do you have clothes in your closet you don’t wear because the neckline is too low and you can’t find the right camisole to go with it? Do you want to buy a low cut top or dress, but don’t want the bulk of layering? Well, Perfect Cami can solve those problems.


Only American Made Here

Actually saved some tops in my closet that I wasn't wearing anymore, dressed some up too.