Post Mastectomy Scallop Lace Mini Camisole - Petal

Perfect Cami

$21.00 $28.00

Post-mastectomy lace mini camisole features a scallop edge. Wear low cut tops with confidence. The popular petal design offers a lot of versatility with seven great colors to compliment any outfit. Double your wardrobe.  Perfect for casual, office or evening attire.

Easily attaches to your own bra strap with a soft hook & loop application, similar to Velcro. Makes layering easy without the hassle of extra straps or fabric.

Ideal for post mastectomy women who need to discreetly cover scars or a breast form when bending over.  Our mini camis are Fashionable, Feminine and Functional.

Colors: Black, White,Turquoise, Fuchsia, Grey, Brown, Red

Each Perfect Cami is handcrafted in the USA.

Fabric Content:  85% nylon and 15% spandex.

Suggested Sizing:

S – 32-34 A/B
M – 34-36 C/D
L – 36-38 C/D/DD
XL – 38-40 DD/DDD
XXL – 40-42 DD/DDD/E

28F – M
36FF – L
34GG - XL


Note: All of the camis have stretch in them.  They should fit comfortably, but not too snug.

Pattern: Select the general strap width of your bras to determine the size of the Velcro attachment for the mini cami. Our camis attach around your bra strap.

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