Nursing Mom Mini Camisole

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Nursing moms literally have their hands full. Dealing with a fussy baby is one thing, but fussing with clothes is the last thing you want to deal with.  For breast feeding moms who want to wear low cut tops and cover a plunging neckline, the two objectives can seem diametrically opposed…that is until now!

The Perfect Cami is a mini camisole that easily attaches around the bra strap.  Using a soft hook and loop design that is found in sports bras, it takes a just a few seconds to undo and then re-attach the cami around the strap of your nursing bra.  Plus there are no extra straps or fabrics that can be such a hassle when you want to layer.

With a variety of styles and colors including scallop lace designs you can cover your cleavage in a fashionable and functional manner.  Wear them with casual or office attire and then a night on the town, if you are lucky enough to get out of the house.

Our customer June, who writes the Blog Braless in Brasil has a great post about her experience with Perfect Cami as an expectant mother.  Click to Read More.

Click on the image to see all colors offered for each style.