Basic Mini Camisole

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Solid Black with Lace Mini Camisole

The basic cami is an easy solution for active women on the go to cover a plunging neckline in a simple, yet fashionable manner.  The basic cami’s versatility extends from casual wear to the office for a professional and polished look. The basic cami is the perfect compliment for warm up suits, v-neck t-shirts, cotton shirts, blouses, sweaters and business attire. No need to worry about extra fabric, especially on a hot day.

Designed with a soft hoop and loop application, used in sports bras, they easily attach around your bra strap. Similar to Velcro, the material will not scratch or bother your skin. An adjustable slider, made of plastic, allows them to easily accommodate the wider width of a mastectomy bra strap. Now you can layer without the hassle of extra straps and fabric that can be so hot and irritating.

The basic camis are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. We recommend hand washing.

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