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Perfect Cami Included in Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood: Pledging the Pink Sorority

We are extremely proud and honored to be included in Joanna Chapman's inspirational, funny and must-read book Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood: Pledging the Pink Sorority.  You can find the reference to Perfect Cami on page 308 in the chapter that focuses on shopping for her second honeymoon.  With our lovely selection of mini camisoles, we can't think of a more heartwarming way for a woman to feel good about themselves in such an intimate setting. 

Whether you are going through breast cancer treatment and recovery, have a friend, colleague or family member with breast cancer, this book is a great way to understand more about the disease and the myriad of choices, emotions, challenges and triumphs of breast cancer in a humorous and informational manner.

In Joanna's welcome she says, "Take my hand and I'll be your big sister, guiding you through the initiation rites of treatment and healing. Frankly, I'd rather have joined a sorority known for great keg parties. But it is what it is. I'm a five-year survivor of breast cancer. Stick with me and I'll tell you the truth not everyone else will.  Only a few years ago, I found myself at a high-stakes table, playing for my life. Take a seat, Ta-Ta Sisters, and I'll share a few of my trusty card tricks. Game on."

From  Publishers Weekly:  When Joanna Chapman was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer after a routine mammogram, she favored the most radical treatment options available: a double mastectomy followed a hysterectomy, four chemotherapy treatments, and a few dozen doctor visits. Over about a year, Chapman recovers with support from her Pink Sisters (fellow breast cancer survivors) and other friends. At a party, she quips, "I'm not at death's door. But will you bring me lasagna anyway?" While readers will appreciate the author's vibrant sense of humor toward the solemn subject, at times the jokes detract from the effectiveness of the book. There is little serious attention focused on emotionally-charged issues deserving a closer look, such as early menopause and her mother's concurrent breast cancer diagnosis. Instead the pages are filled with frequent visits to stereotypical Cancerland characters such as "Rock Star Surgeon," "Snippy Nurse," "Reluctant Radiologist," "Dr. L'Artiste" (breast reconstruction surgeon), and "Caring Nurse." Chapman eventually gets in touch with God and begins to think differently about her marriage. The book offers advice and witty asides as Chapman tells her story, but can feel drawn-out at over 350 pages. Even though the book lacks emotional depth, it's entertaining and uplifting tone may be of value to those in similar situations looking for some relatable levity.

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