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Our good friends from A Sophisticated Pair, a lingerie store in North Carolina, with a great blog, have a sizing guide based on the fullest measure of your bust (generally across the nipples).  If you can find a soft tape measure, you can do this at home.  Make sure to keep the tape level all the way around your torso.  Pull the two sides together until they meet and lie flat against your body, but be careful not to pull too tightly.  The tape should feel snug, but not constricting. Once you have done this, round up to the nearest number.  For example, a measurement of 40.5" would be rounded to 41". The following chart is based on the full bust size measurement.

S – 32-36″
M – 35-40″
L – 39-43″
XL – 42-46”
XXL – 45-49"

Bra Size Samples for Each Size in American Sizing

S — 28 D-G, 30A-E, 32A-D, 34A-B
M — 28 G-K, 30DDD-J, 32C-H, 34A-DDD, 36A-D, 38A-C
L — 28 K-O, 30J-M, 32H-L, 34DD-I, 36C-G, 38A-DD, 40A-C
XL — 28N-P, 30M-P, 32J-N, 34H-L, 36G-J, 38D-H, 40B-DDD, 42A-D, 44A-B
XXL — 30N-P, 32M-P, 34K-O, 36I-M, 38H-K, 40DD-I, 42C-H, 44A-D, 46A-C

Bra Size Samples for Each Size in UK Sizing

S — 28 D-F, 30A-E, 32A-D, 34A-B
M — 28 F-H, 30E-GG, 32C-FF, 34A-E, 36A-D, 38A-C
L — 28 H-K, 30GG-J, 32FF-HH, 34DD-G, 36C-F, 38A-DD, 40A-C
XL — 28JJ-KK, 30J-KK, 32GG-JJ, 34FF-HH, 36F-GG, 38D-FF, 40B-DDD, 42A-D, 44A-B
XXL — 30JJ-KK, 32J-KK, 34H-K, 36G-J, 38FF-H, 40DD-G, 42C-F, 44A-D, 46A-C


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