HourGlassy Love the Perfect Cami

Darlene Campbell, who writes HourGlassy, a must-read blog for the Curvy Woman, recently reviewed the Perfect Cami.

Below is an bit of her post:

In a perfect world, we’d only have camis in our drawers because we liked them, not because we needed them to make up for neckline fabric shortfalls. Each time, I forgot that I had it on. No sliding neckline, no riding hemline. It’s practically weightless, although the fabric is definitely a good quality. It’s silky, stretchy and soft. Bottom Line: I love it.

Speaking of filling things up, I especially appreciate that the sizing chart specifies that a 34GG would wear an XL (that’s what I have), and a 36 FF would wear an L. Someone has been listening to her customers!


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