Bra Fitting and Sizing

Finding the right bra is never an easy task and often can be very frustrating. However, understanding the basics of fitting and sizing is a good start and can be a big help in the long run. Our good friend Erica from A Sophisticated Pair in North Carolina was gracious enough to share her insights on this often over-looked step.

Next time you are looking for the perfect bra for your Perfect Cami, we hope these tips will come in handy.

In order to measure yourself, you will need a soft measuring tape because it will provide the most accurate measurements. To begin, remove your bra. If you visit our store for a free fitting, we will not ask you to remove your bra, but if you are measuring yourself, this will give you better results. For a quick and easy way to determine a starting point bra size, please visit our bra size calculator or check out the video below:



Measure directly underneath your breasts on the rib cage, making sure to keep the tape level all the way around your torso. Pull the two sides together until they meet and lie flat against your body, but be careful not to pull too tightly. The tape should feel snug, but not constricting.

Now, we need to take into account your personal preference for how your band should fit. If you prefer a snug fit, then your ribcage measurement becomes your band size. Note that if you are between two sizes, e.g., your ribs measure 31″, you can size up or down to the nearest band. If you prefer a slightly looser fit, you can also size up one extra band size for comfort.

For example, if you measured 31″ around the ribs, then you can try a 30 band for a tighter fit, a 32 band for a moderately tight fit, or a 34 for slightly looser fit. Keep in mind, however, that bras do lose elasticity over time and will only become less supportive with frequent wear. Furthermore, we only recommend sizing up an extra band size if you have sensitive ribs or less body fat around the torso because 80% of the support for your breasts comes from having a snug band.

Next, measure around the fullest part of your breasts (usually across the nipples) and round up to the nearest number:

For example, a measurement of 40.5″ would be rounded to 41″. To find your cup size, subtract the band size from the measurement taken across your bust. Then, use the chart below to find your corresponding cup size:

Measurement (in.) US Size UK Size
1 A A
2 B B
3 C C
4 D D
7 G F
8 H FF
9 I G
10 J GG
11 K H
12 L HH
13 M J
14 N JJ
15 O K
16 KK

If you needed to size up in the band because of less cushioning on your ribcage, we recommend subtracting your original band size from your bust measurement to ensure you have enough room in the cup. For example, a woman who measures 31″ around the ribs and 35″ should try either a 30DD or a 32D, but she may need to wear a 34C for comfort. Remember: When you size up in the band, you also need to size down in the cup, meaning a 32D becomes a 34C.

This fitting technique as well as our bra size calculator are only meant to provide a starting point size. Breast shape, personal preferences, and even age can all affect what size you need, and because manufacturers utilize different cuts and sizing guides, finding the right fit can be challenging.

Double Check the Fit

Now that you have a general idea about what size you need, take a moment to review some of these tips to ensure that you have the proper fit.

  1. Your band should fit snug (but not tight) on the loosest set of hooks. The elastic in all bras deteriorates with everyday wear, and the bra will last longer if your start with a snug band on the loosest set of hooks.
  2. The band of your bra should be centered across your back with the straps adjusted to the tops of the shoulders. It should not ride up the back or cause the straps to fall off the shoulders as this will mean your breasts hang low in the front. At least 80% of the support from your bra comes from the band, so it is important that the band fits perfectly.
  3. Adjust your straps. Again, the majority of weight is supported by your band, but you may need to adjust your straps looser or tighter to provide you with optimal support and comfort. Properly fitted straps will pull the cup against your breast so that it sits nicely under clothes and supports the full breast tissue.
  4. Check your underwire. The underwire of a bra should encase the breasts and rest firmly against your ribcage, especially in the center where the underwire meets. The wire should lie flat, completely separating your breasts. On the side of your torso, the wire should not mash your breasts or dig into the skin. Many women do not realize that there is breast tissue on the side that needs to be scooped into the cups as well. When the bra fits properly, the cup of the bra should enclose the breast tissue and be filled out and shaped by your breasts.
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Perfect Cami Included in Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood: Pledging the Pink Sorority

We are extremely proud and honored to be included in Joanna Chapman's inspirational, funny and must-read book Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood: Pledging the Pink Sorority.  You can find the reference to Perfect Cami on page 308 in the chapter that focuses on shopping for her second honeymoon.  With our lovely selection of mini camisoles, we can't think of a more heartwarming way for a woman to feel good about themselves in such an intimate setting. 

Whether you are going through breast cancer treatment and recovery, have a friend, colleague or family member with breast cancer, this book is a great way to understand more about the disease and the myriad of choices, emotions, challenges and triumphs of breast cancer in a humorous and informational manner.

In Joanna's welcome she says, "Take my hand and I'll be your big sister, guiding you through the initiation rites of treatment and healing. Frankly, I'd rather have joined a sorority known for great keg parties. But it is what it is. I'm a five-year survivor of breast cancer. Stick with me and I'll tell you the truth not everyone else will.  Only a few years ago, I found myself at a high-stakes table, playing for my life. Take a seat, Ta-Ta Sisters, and I'll share a few of my trusty card tricks. Game on."

From  Publishers Weekly:  When Joanna Chapman was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer after a routine mammogram, she favored the most radical treatment options available: a double mastectomy followed a hysterectomy, four chemotherapy treatments, and a few dozen doctor visits. Over about a year, Chapman recovers with support from her Pink Sisters (fellow breast cancer survivors) and other friends. At a party, she quips, "I'm not at death's door. But will you bring me lasagna anyway?" While readers will appreciate the author's vibrant sense of humor toward the solemn subject, at times the jokes detract from the effectiveness of the book. There is little serious attention focused on emotionally-charged issues deserving a closer look, such as early menopause and her mother's concurrent breast cancer diagnosis. Instead the pages are filled with frequent visits to stereotypical Cancerland characters such as "Rock Star Surgeon," "Snippy Nurse," "Reluctant Radiologist," "Dr. L'Artiste" (breast reconstruction surgeon), and "Caring Nurse." Chapman eventually gets in touch with God and begins to think differently about her marriage. The book offers advice and witty asides as Chapman tells her story, but can feel drawn-out at over 350 pages. Even though the book lacks emotional depth, it's entertaining and uplifting tone may be of value to those in similar situations looking for some relatable levity.

We encourage you to visit Joanna's Website for the book and help spread the word. You can follow Joanna and the book at:



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More Extensive Sizing Chart

Our good friends from A Sophisticated Pair, a lingerie store in North Carolina, with a great blog, have a sizing guide based on the fullest measure of your bust (generally across the nipples).  If you can find a soft tape measure, you can do this at home.  Make sure to keep the tape level all the way around your torso.  Pull the two sides together until they meet and lie flat against your body, but be careful not to pull too tightly.  The tape should feel snug, but not constricting. Once you have done this, round up to the nearest number.  For example, a measurement of 40.5" would be rounded to 41". The following chart is based on the full bust size measurement.

S – 32-36″
M – 35-40″
L – 39-43″
XL – 42-46”
XXL – 45-49"

Bra Size Samples for Each Size in American Sizing

S — 28 D-G, 30A-E, 32A-D, 34A-B
M — 28 G-K, 30DDD-J, 32C-H, 34A-DDD, 36A-D, 38A-C
L — 28 K-O, 30J-M, 32H-L, 34DD-I, 36C-G, 38A-DD, 40A-C
XL — 28N-P, 30M-P, 32J-N, 34H-L, 36G-J, 38D-H, 40B-DDD, 42A-D, 44A-B
XXL — 30N-P, 32M-P, 34K-O, 36I-M, 38H-K, 40DD-I, 42C-H, 44A-D, 46A-C

Bra Size Samples for Each Size in UK Sizing

S — 28 D-F, 30A-E, 32A-D, 34A-B
M — 28 F-H, 30E-GG, 32C-FF, 34A-E, 36A-D, 38A-C
L — 28 H-K, 30GG-J, 32FF-HH, 34DD-G, 36C-F, 38A-DD, 40A-C
XL — 28JJ-KK, 30J-KK, 32GG-JJ, 34FF-HH, 36F-GG, 38D-FF, 40B-DDD, 42A-D, 44A-B
XXL — 30JJ-KK, 32J-KK, 34H-K, 36G-J, 38FF-H, 40DD-G, 42C-F, 44A-D, 46A-C


Click Here For More Information on How it Works

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Announcing New International Shipping

We are pleased to announce we have added international shipping to the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Finland for a small fee using the US Postal Service.  Priority Mail will also be available for quicker delivery. This is in addition to our free shipping to customers in the US. If you live outside of these countries, please contact us so we can make shipping arrangments.

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Ivory Solid with Lace Trim Mini Camisole

Ivory with Solid Lace Trim Mini Camisole Excited to update our Lace Trim Mini Camisole offerings with a gorgeous ivory. Add it to your black and whites or buy all three and your wardrobe will be ready at a moment's notice when you need to cover a plunging neckline.  Ideal for business trips or keep a spare in your purse for an emergency spill.

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HourGlassy Love the Perfect Cami

Darlene Campbell, who writes HourGlassy, a must-read blog for the Curvy Woman, recently reviewed the Perfect Cami.

Below is an bit of her post:

In a perfect world, we’d only have camis in our drawers because we liked them, not because we needed them to make up for neckline fabric shortfalls. Each time, I forgot that I had it on. No sliding neckline, no riding hemline. It’s practically weightless, although the fabric is definitely a good quality. It’s silky, stretchy and soft. Bottom Line: I love it.

Speaking of filling things up, I especially appreciate that the sizing chart specifies that a 34GG would wear an XL (that’s what I have), and a 36 FF would wear an L. Someone has been listening to her customers!


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November $100 Shopping Spree Winner

Congratulations to Kristi Schmidt our November winner for the $100 Perfect Cami shopping spree...just in time for the holidays. A new winner each month. Make sure to Like Us on Faceboook and enter for your chance to win! You must re-enter each month to be eligible for the free drawing.  Good Luck!

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Our New Website

We are very excited to be launching our new website. It has a lot of great features and most importantly it really showcases the products in a great way.  You can always click on a photo to see an enhanced image. Plus we will be adding new products and doing more specials. Make sure to sign up for emails, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, so you can stay informed.

We plan to use this News Section to talk about What's Happening in the world of Perfect Cami, but also to highlight fashion, style and health tips we think would be of interest to you.

As we enter the holiday season, we are extremely grateful to all our great customers and friends.  As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.  We love hearing from you.  As you go through the website, hopefully there won't be any glitches, but if there are, please let us know.

Thanks for your support and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.

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